A Crashing Train of Thought

Listening to that one David…

There’s so much he doesn’t want to address. What’s your opinion on the fair game policy? … So quick to judge but refuses to ask questions. So quick to validate but refuse to elaborate. What does this mean? Maybe he just likes to kick them when they’re down. Maybe he wants them to believe just for the satisfaction of knowing that they know it’s really happening and they can’t ignore that fact and move on with their lives. Or maybe he’s hypersensitive and throwing subjective insults is a knee jerk reaction.

I remember complaining to him about that bleached blonde guy and all he did was give me lip services, he never tried to kick him out.

The drunken epiphany after sleep deprivation and lots of trips to the toilet: No, really, you shouldn’t be pushing him away. It doesn’t matter anymore because you’re not the right one.

The advice

Everything you said about sex I’ve heard before. I hope you feel wise and continue to pass it down. So thank you, but what I’ve been through isn’t completely comparable and I am sorry because I can’t use it and can’t explain why. However, this game of confessing our most embarrassing sexual experiences was fun. Lets get back to the game.

Isn’t it wierd how one of the only ways used to get black males to value other black lives is by using reverse-psychology?


By saying “hey, this is what white people want you to do. To kill each other.”

Yes, apparently doing white people’s bidding is more shameful than murder.

Existentially, this is very sad.
We know how to resist white control but not how to love each other.

Same goes for people who’d use this strategy to get black peopel to support black business. “Hit them (white people) where it hurts!”

Really, THIS is what gets you to support black businesses? The idea of “hurting” white businesses”?

Can we appeal to something else?


Are you a Male College Student in California? FUCKING RUN.









The State Legislature has passed, in its glorious wisdom a bill that mandates that colleges must observe a “Yes means Yes” standard on college campuses.

Or you can be convicted of rape.


Keep in mind, the wording concerning body language was intentionally left out. This means if a girl doesn’t explicitly say “Yes” you’re a fucking rapist as far as the State of California is concerned.


If a girl sucks your dick without first saying she wants to… you’ve raped her. Because let’s be honest, this standard will only be applied in one direction.

Keep in mind, you’re not just required to ask your partner if she’s consenting as you engage in sex.. you have to fucking REPEATEDLY ASK DURING THE SEX ACT because if you don’t she can say “I tensed up and he didn’t stop therefore he raped me”.

I’m not fucking making that up. That the actual example they use.


So… in closing. If you’re a male and you attend a college in California FUCKING RUN because your college has a vested financial interest in fucking destroying you.


Fuck Feminists.

Watch out guys in Cali, this could ruin your life! :c be careful ❤️


…..? If a girl doesn’t say yes to you it means no….. Is this a foreign concept to men or some shit? Is consent not a thing? What?

You’re not thinking this through are you?

Here’s what it takes to make you a rapist according to this law:

Ask her consent to talk about sex every single time (or its sexual harassment).

Ask her consent to initiate sex every single time. Ask mid sex act every single time. Ask every single time you ever switch positions.

Or you’re a rapist.

And when you cuddle up after sex ask to to touch her tit. Then ask permission to kiss her.

Every single time.

Remember body language was intentionally removed at the behest of feminists.

So you have to verbally ask before, during, and conceivably after every single interaction that might be even vaguely construed as sexual or you’re open to prosecution for sexual harassment, assault, or rape.

No man can adhere to that law. None. No woman could either but let’s be honest, this law will only ever be used to prosecute males.

honestly,I’ve never had a dude NOT do this. I’ve been fucking the same guy for over two years and he still asks me if what he’s doing is ok. I’ve never asked to him to this-it’s clearly obvious to both of us that I would fuck him anytime of day. he asked because he gets SATISFACTION out of knowing what he’s doing is causing me pleasure— and respect that. guess I just got lucky.

Notice in this entire paragraph she never once mentioned that she asked him if it was ok?

Fucking Rapists.

Putting pressure on women to ask for consent and encouraging men to demand that of women would fix so many problems.